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Gateway to Language and Learning© is a series of core word page sets that supports the language learning needs of young children and facilitates efficient communication for the competent communicator.

Gateway© is a research-based core word vocabulary designed by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP.

There is consistency in the design of all Vocabulary Levels to enable a user to seamlessly move across grid sizes (e.g. 5*6, 6*9, etc.) or advance to the next level of complexity (e.g., Developing Language to Advanced Communicator) while maintaining ones level of communicative competence.

The underlying philosophy of Gateway is to enable effective and efficient communication. All individuals need to be able to say what they want to say, when they want to say it, and to be able to do so with a minimum of effort. Within Gateway, effective communication is achieved by providing AAC users access to a high frequency core vocabulary and fringe vocabulary that is selected to match a user’s age, needs, interests, and linguistic abilities. Efficient communication is achieved by minimizing the number of key selections required to speak each word. The Gateway vocabulary was organized to give the user access to its core vocabulary using an average of less than 1.5 key selections per word.

Gateway© 20 targets preschool and school-aged children who are communicating using 1-2 word messages. They can recognize symbols of nouns, verbs and some adjectives and adverbs. These emerging communicators have the potential to improve their expressive language abilities.

Consistency of vocabulary organization supports the principles of language acquisition through motor planning. It contains MAIN and SCHOOL CORE pages that seamlessly link to relevant topical vocabulary without losing access to the high frequency core. Theme pages provide activities to promote communication in educational and social settings.


  • English

  • Muis/Touch Schakelaars Oogsturing

  • SymbolStix

  • 6-12

  • Mind Express 5

  • Betalend

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Please note: Gateway page sets can be tried for free for 30 days. After this demo period, you will need to activate the pageset by clicking on the “Request info” button.

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