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SymChat is a vocabulary designed to allow easy chatting. Simple sentences are constructed using 2 hit selections. The page layouts are rigidly adhered to, making SymChat suitable for keyguard use. SymChat uses the unique dynamic content feature of Mind Express allowing all pages to be scrolled using the + sign when there are more items on a page. A keyboard with symbol prediction is included. Text messaging & emailing pages are also included along with ability to show email attachments. A camera page for taking photos along with a photo album are also available. Access method is easily changed with the click of one cell and when eye gaze is chosen a rest cell is automatically added to all pages. Users can be protected from spam email by only allowing emails from known contacts in the address book to be received.


  • Inglese

  • Mouse/Touch

  • SymbolStix

  • Scuola primaria Scuola secondaria Adulti

  • Mind Express 4 Mind Express 5

  • Gratuito

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