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We are increasingly aware of the power of core vocabulary. How can we use this when the visual, motor and / or cognitive challenges are great? With this file, we hope to lower thresholds to get started. Use it for example during a game moment, a group discussion or an assessment. Use the simple, ready-to-use pages with your preferred operating method. There is room for adding your own word pairs and / or quartets. Adapt pictos and styles to the needs of the person in question. The file allows to grow from 2 to 4 target words on a page. A small exercise that allows you to start and pause a movie thanks to the powerful keywords 'still' and 'done / done' might inspire you to use Mind Express functionally.


  • Inglese

  • Mouse/Touch Puntamento oculare Sensori

  • SymbolStix

  • Scuola primaria Scuola secondaria Adulti

  • Mind Express 5

  • Gratuito

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