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A personal database of:

  • recorded messages
  • and/or text-to-speech (TTS) messages



You can build your language with recordings of your own voice if possible. However, you can also build or further expand your Message set with TTS.



Building and/or modifying your communication file with your own messages? This can be done via both "Settings" and "Actions" in Mind Express.

  • In your ME5 profile > Menu > Settings > Speech > Message set
  • In your ME5 pageset > Menu > Edit > Add action > Message set


In this pageset

This free ME5 pageset aims to get you started. It illustrates, how to display, build and customise your Message Set with the necessary actions.
Don't want to build your own communication file from scratch? Then you can also use this pageset to import the categories and phrases from Amego EN into your communication file.





  • English

  • Mouse/Touch Switches Eye tracking

  • SymbolStix Alphabet (text)

  • 6-12 Secondary school Adults

  • Mind Express 5

  • Free

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