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Switch On Literacy

Switch On Literacy is an extensive collection of ready-made activities and easily customizable templates designed for emergent literacy learners.  Topics covered include: playing and writing with the full alphabet, co-planned failure-free writing, games to explore phonemic and emergent literacy concepts, self-selected reading/listening to books, homemade videos, and pre-selected YouTube videos.  Most activities include child-directed ways to re-read their writing, print, save and email their creations to others.

Activities are designed to include strategic, teaching feedback throughout, providing targeted learning opportunities.  While some activities may have some correct and incorrect options, this is not intended to be used for testing.  Instead, the customized feedback provides additional learning opportunities.

The creation of personalized “launchers” enables child-directed, independent access to freely explore activities that may be updated as student’s skills improve and interests change.  Content related to what is being studied in class may be added in a variety of ways to provide exposure, practice, and extension

All activities are designed specifically for two switch access with no timing and contain auditory support that provides access for individuals with mild to severe visual challenges, including CVI.  You will need to own a copy of Mind Express 5 by Jabbla, to run and modify activities from Switch On Literacy.

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