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PODD is an efficient and organized communication system for individuals with complex communication needs and their communication partners. PODD is an integrated, multi-modal AAC system that supports autonomous communication at any time. Authored by Gayle Porter, PODD is available in different formats (communication books and high tech SGD) to meet individual needs.

The PODD page sets for Mind Express are offered in high tech versions for SGD devices, such as the Vibe, the Tellus, or the Mobi. These page sets are the official and most current PODD versions in English (US/UK/AUS) for Mind Express. They were developed by Jabbla in close collaboration with Gayle Porter.

The PODD 60 expanded key word page set is designed for children and teenagers who are able to use key word sentences and are learning to communicate for a full range of purposes using symbols, whole words, word morphology spelling, and word prediction.
This page set includes sentence starters, core and predictably associated vocabulary to increase
the efficiency of communication.

The PODD 60 complex page set has a similar language complexity and vocabulary organization to the
two-page opening 90+ and the two-page opening with a side panel 100+ complex syntax PODD communication books.
PODD page sets require PCS symbols.

Please note: PODD page sets can be tried for free for 30 days. After this demo period, you will need to activate this pageset.


  • Anglais

  • Commande oculaire

  • PCS

  • 12-18 Adultes

  • Mind Express 5

  • Payant

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