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  • Last updated 31 August 2021
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With this 1000 version of SCORE you can get to know SCORE in an accessible way. This version has 9 rows and 10 columns, making it accessible to more people in terms of operation and visual possibilities. Both the core and fringe vocabulary has been reduced. In concrete terms, you have the 1000 layout of SCORE full here. You can of course add and adjust vocabulary yourself. All multimedia possibilities of SCORE full such as music, video, calculator, internet radio, youtube, sms, e-mail and camera available. The grammatical options and fold-out note bar of SCORE full are also present in this version. SCORE is a symbol vocabulary that grows with the language development of the user. You can therefore start working with it from a young age. SCORE is based on extensive scientific research and user experience. It allows to build sentences and experiment with language. Thanks to a fixed core vocabulary and expandable peripheral vocabulary, you can use SCORE to measure.


  • English

  • Mouse/Touch Switches Eye tracking

  • SymbolStix

  • 6-12 Secondary school Adults

  • Mind Express 5

  • Paid

Tips for use

Please note: SCORE is a paid and protected file because of author’s rights. However, you can try it out for 30 days. If you wish to purchase SCORE, contact your nearby reseller by clicking on the “Request info” button.

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