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  • Last updated 15 March 2023
  • By Amy Roman
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AlphaCore is a communication pageset designed for people with ALS/MND and other literate adults with a wide variety of, often changing, physical abilities. AlphaCore provides smooth transitions to new access methods (e.g. eye tracking, mouse, scanning, etc.) while maintaining customizations and access to important AlphaCore tools (e.g. computer navigation, books, music, YouTube, etc.). AlphaCore incorporates features proven effective by research and inspired by the day-to-day experiences of speech device users and their caregivers.

AlphaCore was authored by Amy Roman, a licensed speech language pathologist and augmentative communication specialist, with over 23 years of experience providing solutions to people with ALS/MND and others with complex communication needs.

You can download the AlphaCore manual from this link. Numerous AlphaCore video tutorials are included into AlphaCore and are also available on the Jabbla YouTube-channel.



AlphaCore is linked with InControl. You can download InControl here. Watch this movie on the Jabbla YouTube-channel for more information on InControl.


  • English

  • Mouse/Touch Switches Eye tracking

  • SymbolStix

  • Adults

  • Mind Express 5

  • Paid

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